Electrical Supervisor Certificate

January 23, 2010

I searched a lot on internet for making electrical supervision certificate from rajasthan but found none thats why i am writing this post.

I met a officer in my locality and he helped me regarding procedure. Everyone is not fortunate enough.

So this is the procedure for that.
who is eligible?
There are many possiblities but one of them is just you should have degree of electrical engineering.

So these are the steps you should perform before rushing to vidyut nirkshanalya.office:


Degree certificate orignal,its photocopy attested.


All semester marksheet orignal and photocopies attested.


Date of birth proof orignal and photocopy attested.


If you are pg than pg degree certificate and its photocopies attested


If you have some year work ex than experience certificate


Affidavit on 10 Rs stamp attested from notary(Its format is given below)


Three photos.


Demand draft of Rs. 500 in favor of Senior Electrical Inspector Jaipur payable at Jaipur.


An application to “Senior Electrical Inspector jaipur” stating that you are applying for this certificate


One self addressed envelope to get it by mail.

Affidavit format:


I ——— S/O ——–resident of ———–hereby solemnly affirm as under:


I have secured degree in Electrical Engineering in first division in year——-from———college and university name)—–


I have never applied for the Electrical supervision license nor it had been issued to me in the past.


I am applying for this license first time.


If you have work ex and or Pg than also mention this.

Date and place Deponent

Now you must be knowing how to make affidavit. If not rush to nearby court and go to any nearby shop of that court , you will get everything.

After having these all procedure completed you can go to the following address:
Vidyut Nirikshanalaya
C-95, Jagraj marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur.
(विद्युत् निरिक्षनालय, C-95 जगराज मार्ग , बापू नगर, जयपुर)

(Help for people outside jaipur ,how to reach to this address?
Everbody knows rambagh circle in jaipur. Reach Rambag circle. Now its walkable distance from this circle. Ask anyone this address they will tell you.)

When you will reach office you will notice one notice stating that “You should not contact clerks and other non technical staff for certificates and other queries and it is advisable to clarify any matter with the officers”. And this is strictly you should do. I repeat you should do as written.

When you will reach this address with all these procedure completed they will give you a form. Fill it and do as per their instructions as they say.(You have to attest this form also. Either they will attest it or you have to rush to nearby rajasthan university for it.)

After filling this form they will check all documents, give back you the original one . They will tell you that you will get the certificate at your mailing address that you have mentioned ,in some 15 days.
If there is some urgency you can request them with some proof and they will take some extra pain to finish it in some 5-6 days at the earliest.

Though the process is somewhat complicated in comparison to other states but thats the way it is. You have no other option if you have to make it from rajasthan. Just go by the steps as I have mentioned and there will be no problems.


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January 23, 2010

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